Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Dad

I am in Ruston, LA right now. I flew in from Malawi to visit my dad. He is dealing with ALS (aka Lou Gehrigs disease). I wanted to spend some time with him. Britt is due at the end of October, so this is the only time before early December I could make the trip. He is struggling to breathe some of the time. He has a machine that augments the air pressure and gives supplemental oxygen. He uses it only at night. I took Dad and Mom to Wal-Mart yesterday. He seemed to enjoy getting out. Pray for him. Pray for a miracle. ALS has no cure and is universally fatal. Pray for my mom as she deals with his illness. I am very thankful to their friends in Ruston - particularly those from Christ Community Church. They are amazing beyond words. Mom and Dad have had meals, cards, yardwork, jellies, homemade bread, and a lot of other intangibles. God is taking care of my parents through His children. I travel back to Malawi on Tuesday and will get home Thursday. Pray for Britt and the kids back in Malawi!